If I were a Hero

If I had the powers of:

  • Hiro Nakamura: I’d teleport to Dubai, Canada, US and Singapore to visit my family and friends any time! Works, right?
  • Nathan Petrelli: Ooh… this is my favorite! I’d fly to avoid traffic and fly to the beach to de-stress!!!
  • DL Hawkins: I’ll use this power when I need to watch a really good movie and I don’t have any cash. Hehehehe.
  • Claire Bennett: I’ll probably need this when I start doing extreme sports! I wouldn’t be afraid to race anymore!!! Haha!
  • Matt Parkman: Hmmm.. I’ll read the mind of the guy I’m digging to know if he likes me back. Shit how cheesy!
  • Isaac Mendez: I don’t think I’d like to know my future, but probably once in a while, when I’m really down, I’d look to see if the future is a little bit brighter.
  • Peter Petrelli: Heehee… I’ll wish that there are other “heroes” para magamit ko powers ni Peter.
  • Niki / Jessica Sanders: Hahaha! Only wish on the super strength. I wouldn’t have any problem with changing a flat tire or moving furniture! 🙂
  • Micah Sanders: I’ll withdraw money from the ATM machine so I wouldn’t have any problem with cash anymore! (Hmm.. maybe, that’s what happened to the money I lost last month)
  • The Haitian: I’ll erase part of the memory of the XXXXX para hindi nya alam kung ano na nangyari sa amin. Save me the embarrasment.
  • Eden Mccain: I’ll get away with any police offense!!! And persuade my clients (esp. yung mga mababagal) to sign with me na!

It’s so cool to be a HERO! I’ll use it all for personal gain! Yes! I’m so bad, I know! Hehehe!

Certified Heroes Fanatic. Stay tuned…


What Kind of Intelligence Do You Have?

Your Dominant Intelligence is Interpersonal Intelligence

You shine in your ability to realate to and understand others.
Good at seeing others’ points of view, you get how people think and feel.
You have an uncanny ability to sense true feelings, intentions, and motivations.
A natural born leader, you are great at teaching and mediating conflict.

You would make a good counselor, salesperson, politician, or business person.


Right after posting my last post, i viewed the blog, and right beneath it was my my battlecry…. COMMITMENT nga naman and not CIRCUMSTANCES will dictate the outcome.

So, with much kulit and bola from my part, I got landlord to move deadline to tomorrow morning. She said, sige kahit lunch time tomorrow. I think I can breathe now.

i hate last minute

I did my part, I know I did. I gave them enough time. I emailed them hours ago. But 8 minutes and 10 seconds before the deadline, I called them to say malapit na deadline mo, and nasan na yung pirma mo. (Pirma lang hintay ko, ako na gumawa lahat ng paperwork) Biglang nag nego ba naman sa terms and conditions?! Argh! Ano ba yun! You could have done that even an hour ago! Would have saved us a lot of time and trouble. Now the landlord is saying, I can’t wait for you anymore. It’s 5 mins after 5pm. I gave you the deadline, now I have to decline your offer. Huwaw!

It doesn’t matter if the fault is hers or mine. At the end of the day, client is going to say “ah, she’s not good enough to get me the space”; and the landlord is going to say, “she just made us wait for nothing”.

I not only hate being stressed at the last minute; I also hate being the middleman.

My week that was

  • My weekday – Work, work, a wedding to break the cycle, work… and did I say work?
  • My weekend – Slow; lotsa sleep, games and chat
  • My # 1 Win – Getting confirmation that I—- has approved budget, and will sign with me next week! Yehey!
  • My “I Wish I” – did my breakthrough with my boss (which I’ve been postponing for, I think, a month now)
  • Most exciting happening – Coordinated wedding last Tuesday. 🙂 It was fun, although my feet hurt like hell halfway through.
  • Most frustrating feeling – When I found out that I lost money, again, this week, and again not knowing how?!
  • Lesson of the week – “You keep getting the same problem because you haven’t learnt your lesson” I hope my next week’s lesson is more fruitful.
  • Newest addiction – Blogging. 😀
  • (Pleasant) Surprise – Bride wasn’t a bridezilla after all.
  • (Shocking) Surprise – my latest Meralco bill
  • Person who irked me the most Myself, unfortunately, because I felt so irres for losing money. 😦
  • Person who inspired me to be better – my colleague Mina, who closed a couple of sales this week. Galing galing. Oh and Kris pala, for being the “master” in ceremony coordinator. One of the few times when the entourage line up went as we expected.
  • Person who had me thinking Karen asking me, “so have you moved since we last talked?”
  • Person I missed the most – strangely missed Joco; kse naman, medyo nagiging regular ka chat si Jing and Danna… si Joco lang wala.
  • Reward for the week – Eat (?)
  • To complete my weekend, I should – do my chores (clean house, bring clothes to laundry, have car washed)
  • My first “to do” next week – Write down my list of TO DO’s and DO THEM. 🙂