for my second post… me, me, me :)

I might as well talk about 2’s. Here are some info’s I wanted to share about me:

  • I wear 2 hats – one as a property consultant; the other as a wedding planner
  • I have 2 upcoming May events (which I’m very excited in) – Dante-Grace wedding at San Agustin and Casa Manila and Minnie-Sam wedding at Palladium Clubhouse
  • 2 of my closest friends are getting hitched this July – Bagadiong sisters, Mae and Karen
  • I just acquired 2 gadgets to stay in touch – my first ever broadband connection (a reason to stay at home to surf) and my first ever mobile landline (a reason to work even while I’m driving)
  • 2 of my favorite tv addictions – Grey’s and Heroes
  • 2 of my favorite parents – Mama and Papa
  • 2 of my favorite siblings – Glenn and Glenda
  • 2 of my favorite inlaws – Ate Scheela and Baji
  • 2 of my favorite pamangkins – Brian and Andrew (overkill na ba? okay i’ll stop!)
  • My 2 “need to” goals for the year – make more money and apply for visit visa to Canada for next year’s vacation
  • I’m waiting for 2 accounts to close this month – don’t wanna mention baka maudlot hehehe
  • 2 current dilemmas – being double booked on Tuesday & my favorite question of the month “should i stay or should i go?”

And finally

  • 2 reasons why I started this blog – I was bored and nainggit ako sa mga nag blog! hahaha

One thought on “for my second post… me, me, me :)

  1. I absolutely loved this post! I actually enjoyed reading it!You don’t need tips from other bloggers… you should be giving us tips!!!Keep posting!!!

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