Hathor, my birth Goddess


Hathor’s esoteric attributes are about emotions and feelings. Hathor brings the gift of shapeshifting – we can transform from a woman coping with the daily mondo to a wondrous creature shining light and radiance from our aura.



  • I surrender to the rhythm of earth
  • I live life without fear
  • My whole being reaches for the stars
  • My creativity is energised
  • I dance with abandon
  • Joy! Oh joy!

ESSENCE: Goddessence ISHTAR 100% pure essential oil blend for the sacral chakra

GEMSTONES: Carnelian, coral, agate, brown jaspar


Hathor was revered as the ancient Queen of Heaven. She is connected to the womb chakra, the core of our creativity and centre of emotion.

Hathor is the patron of dancers, the mother of the gypsies, the generator of light and radiant power.

If Hathor is speaking to you today, she is appealing to your creative core to shapeshift from a girl crippled with insecurities to a wondrous, empowered and inspired queen.


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