i hate last minute

I did my part, I know I did. I gave them enough time. I emailed them hours ago. But 8 minutes and 10 seconds before the deadline, I called them to say malapit na deadline mo, and nasan na yung pirma mo. (Pirma lang hintay ko, ako na gumawa lahat ng paperwork) Biglang nag nego ba naman sa terms and conditions?! Argh! Ano ba yun! You could have done that even an hour ago! Would have saved us a lot of time and trouble. Now the landlord is saying, I can’t wait for you anymore. It’s 5 mins after 5pm. I gave you the deadline, now I have to decline your offer. Huwaw!

It doesn’t matter if the fault is hers or mine. At the end of the day, client is going to say “ah, she’s not good enough to get me the space”; and the landlord is going to say, “she just made us wait for nothing”.

I not only hate being stressed at the last minute; I also hate being the middleman.


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