If I were a Hero

If I had the powers of:

  • Hiro Nakamura: I’d teleport to Dubai, Canada, US and Singapore to visit my family and friends any time! Works, right?
  • Nathan Petrelli: Ooh… this is my favorite! I’d fly to avoid traffic and fly to the beach to de-stress!!!
  • DL Hawkins: I’ll use this power when I need to watch a really good movie and I don’t have any cash. Hehehehe.
  • Claire Bennett: I’ll probably need this when I start doing extreme sports! I wouldn’t be afraid to race anymore!!! Haha!
  • Matt Parkman: Hmmm.. I’ll read the mind of the guy I’m digging to know if he likes me back. Shit how cheesy!
  • Isaac Mendez: I don’t think I’d like to know my future, but probably once in a while, when I’m really down, I’d look to see if the future is a little bit brighter.
  • Peter Petrelli: Heehee… I’ll wish that there are other “heroes” para magamit ko powers ni Peter.
  • Niki / Jessica Sanders: Hahaha! Only wish on the super strength. I wouldn’t have any problem with changing a flat tire or moving furniture! 🙂
  • Micah Sanders: I’ll withdraw money from the ATM machine so I wouldn’t have any problem with cash anymore! (Hmm.. maybe, that’s what happened to the money I lost last month)
  • The Haitian: I’ll erase part of the memory of the XXXXX para hindi nya alam kung ano na nangyari sa amin. Save me the embarrasment.
  • Eden Mccain: I’ll get away with any police offense!!! And persuade my clients (esp. yung mga mababagal) to sign with me na!

It’s so cool to be a HERO! I’ll use it all for personal gain! Yes! I’m so bad, I know! Hehehe!

Certified Heroes Fanatic. Stay tuned…


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