I’m ready now

Monday has definitely been one of my not better days. To think that the week just started. Yesterday morning, Monday’s stress caught up with me. My stomach took the bunt and I forced myself to stay home (so, okay, I didn’t have to force hard. I could have still gone to work, but I didn’t want to). For most of the day I worked from home, using my ever reliable broadband (I’m being sarcastic, connection has been hell) and mobile landline. Since my stomach didn’t feel like eating, I was only ready to go out for food by dinnertime.

And then Oman happened.

Oman is a guy I haven’t seen or heard from in ages. And I mean ages. A vivid memory would be playing patintero or office-officean during baby-days in old Pilar, before we left for Dubai in ’85. After that, it was snippets here and there of when we saw each other. Oman was an old neighbor, childhood friend and playmate. Mostly my brother and sister at least, since he fell under their age group. A couple of years after our family moved to Dubai, his family moved to Australia. So the chances of us running into each other were quite slim.

Our families are still in touch, apparently, so when he and his family visited my parents in Canada, he told them that he will be visiting Pinas and staying in BF Resort (where I also stay). My mom, I’m assuming it’s my mom, gave him my number and yesterday, of all days, he messaged to say he was in town. After a few exchange, we ended up having dinner for good Filipino food and major catching up.

Oman had loads of stories to tell. About life in Aussie, his business ventures, his family, his latest round-the-world trip, his search for a future bride, his jampacked schedule for the next few days, his goals, his questions in life, his heart ache, etc. etc. etc. It was indeed an interesting 3 and a half hour to spend.

In the course of the conversation, I discovered and learned a few things.

  • That there are still idealists out there;
  • Being gutsy takes over smarts, in any place of the world;
  • Security won’t necessarily come from a monthly pay check;
  • Responsibility rules – without it, it’s like throwing away your hard earned cash;
  • You don’t necessarily need titles, degrees, or experience to be paid $100 an hour;
  • Nor do you necessarily need capital to start a business;
  • Ingenuity is the name of the game;
  • That starting at the bottom of the pyramid is not necessarily a bad thing;
  • That losing money, should never be a reason to be disheartened – it’s just money, and it can be earned again;
  • That being afraid can literally stop you from being the best you can be;
  • That there are still guys out there who are looking for the “true pinay” (and what he meant by that is the “never been kissed, never been touched” pinay);
  • Change is not a bad thing; in fact if you get over being afraid, change is most definitely a good thing;
  • That I already knew about change being a good thing (in principle) but I have never really gone out of my shell because of fear.

After a series of misfortunate events, and I badly needed a good pick me up (or a slap in the face), I came to realize that my night with Oman came in perfect timing.

My fears got challenged,
my opinions started looking at different perspectives,
and his Just Do It attitude rubbed a little on me.

I’m ready now to take control of my life once again. And if I play my cards right, I think events should be onward and upward from here. But not without being challenged first. I anticipate that, I look forward to it. It’s even funny that the day Oman leaves Pinas is when one of my challenges will come. That wasn’t a coincidence either. That was the universe giving me a clear answer to my question.

(a picture of me, Oman and Ivan –> Ivan a guy also from Pilar)

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