random question to fellow bloggers

Haven’t caught friends online recently. So I thought I’d shout out the question, and see who can give me hand re: blogger.

  1. I’m trying to put in a picture in the profile, but I can’t seem to right-align the picture. How do you do it?
  2. I see bloggers who keep on changing their skin (?)… I’ve seen the templates, but it’s too plain for me. Is there a site with pre-defined templates (or whatever you call it?) that’s not as plain?
  3. How do you put the comment box? The one specifically for the blog site, not for the messages.

Thanks! 😀


2 thoughts on “random question to fellow bloggers

  1. ate, go to http://www.blogskins.com where they have lots and lots and lots and lots (Need i say more?) of templates to choose from. If you know html it would be easier for you to make some changes and edit it. second, what you need to get is a shoutbox or chatter box. there’s a lot of free stuff out there. google it. you’ll find it and just copy the code and paste it in your blog template. if you need help with html….your brother is the geeky one. hehehe.

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