on reading between the lines

I’ve Fallen into the blog hopping mode these past few days. I’ve encountered a few entries, where the author has posted a one liner, a quote, a question, a picture, or a random thought. For A regular Guy, he would probably be puzzled, misunderstood, curious, or even indifferent. For the one who knows the author more deeply, or can read between the lines, then the post can be an expression of truth, a hidden meaning, or a revelation that they secretly want to shout to the world but cannot because of various consequences.
Who Is it that created a blog account anyway, when privacy was still important. Wasn’t it ourselves, anyway, who chooses to hide behind a facade? We all know that blogging has Taken over the dear diary days where you can pour your heart and soul into a private black book. How funny it is that people will resort to secret codes, anonymity, pseudo language, when the truth of matter is, it is such a relief to post truths such as “it wasn’t meant to be”, “It’s Breaking My Heart”, “he doesn’t love me anymore”, “i’m pregnant”, “i regret what i did”, “i slept with my boyfriend’s best friend”, “it was me” as a form of release.
Maybe the answer should be having courage to speak up, to be heard, to risk being judged. Just so that you can get it out of your system. As they say, “Let Go, Let God”.


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