My lifestyle has always had been disorganized, clutter-ful and chaotic mess. This is very evident in my house, my car, my desk, my wardrobe, my bag, basically everything. A lot of people can’t stand me and my mess. There’s a good reason why I like living alone, and the fact that I would rather work alone, than with other people.

I’ve tried it all – bag organizers, planner, drawers, labels, etc. etc. etc. But I seem to still leave items all over the place. Don’t get me wrong, I still prefer a clean desk, an organized filing cabinet and an orderly home. But it’s a bit too tedious for me. And frankly, there are days where I find order in my disorder, anyway.

But sige na nga, I’ll humor myself and the people around me. Because of upcoming July, I have committed to myself to clean, throw what needs to throw and basically declutter my stuff. In LEAP it was part of a completion exercise.

So in order for me to get my goals, I have to first take care of the other items in my life that become road blocks, starting with my surroundings. So here are my list of to do’s that I need to accomplish on or before July 1, 2007.
  • Get 2nd room ready as my room while Glenn and Scheela are here (dapat may bed, basically)
  • Contact Roy and ask him to come with me to buy aircon (hmm, maybe electric fan will do)
  • Buy bulb for the bathroom and for the 2nd room
  • Laundry and press all remaining clothes
  • General Cleaning for the house
  • Go grocery shopping (stock up on food)
  • Have drawers fixed
  • Fix up laptop area
  • Extra house and car keys for Glenn/Scheela
  • Have car auto detailed and interior detailed
  • Friendship sticker?
  • Make sure Meralco and water bills are paid

Next item is to prepare a To Do list on cleaning up/decluttering my workspace.


One thought on “decluttering

  1. So much to do!!!Add to that… handling co-ordination and the currently very stressful work…hugz….sweetie, you need lots of that.oh and Loads of Motivation to do this! heehhehe… I tend to procrastinate when it comes to that sometimes. hahahhaa.

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