My July

Finally it’s the last day of July! 😀 I’m so happy (and a little sad) that it’s over. So much has happened this last month to name a few:

  • Mae & Ariel’s wedding
  • Karen & Don’s wedding
  • Ariel’s bday party
  • Davao weekend getaway
  • Maui & Allan’s wedding
  • Mhinx bday party
  • Reunions
  • Parties
  • Kainan

And of course, workwise:

  • Closed deal w/ CLP
  • Closed deal w/ GCI
  • Closed deal w/ ZPI
  • Closed deal w/ DIP
  • Closed deal w/ PAPF

I was hoping that these closed deals would be reflected in my payslip, but unfortunately, hindi lahat naka pasok. Sigh. Sa August pa ako yayaman at babawi sa pag deplete ng account ko c/o July events. In the meantime, I am saying farewell to alot of the Dubai balikbayans who were here for the reunions. I’m gonna miss you guys. Keep in touch ha.

*Shout outs to Maeyo, Ariel, Loids, Liz, Karen, new found friendster Jinky, Dhon ni Geni (kahit di ko nakita), and Beng (kahit di nagpakita).

*Future shout outs (yung mga aalis in a couple of days) to my favorite Kuya and favorite Ate in law, Geni, Don ni Karen, Mhinx, Apple, Maui and Allan.

See you soon guys! 😉 I’m so looking forward to it!


If June was about meeting new people, July was about rekindling relationships of my past. I’m excited to see what August will bring…

Movie Madness

Glenn, Scheela, Roy and I along with newly weds Karen and Don met up last night to watch The Simpsons Movie. Karen told me she wanted to watch Ouija (which I didn’t want to, because I’m a scaredy cat, hehehe) so I was glad that the Scheela and co were really kids who wanted to see the Simpsons. It was such a hilarious movie! Perfect for a no-brainer night. Hehehe.

And even if I was really tired, we waited for the rest of the Pangilinan clan (Scheela’s cousins) to watch Ratatouille. Back to back movie. Hehehe. Really tired, there was a part that I slept through it. But I liked it din.

Good way to end the day. 🙂 Watch it guys. Much recommended. 😀

Happy Anniversary!

While updating the look of my blog, I included the portion of wedding bookmarks, because I love reminiscing about past client/friends weddings. And I remembered Anna & Brian.

They were one of the first few non-friend clients who booked Yev ka & Jenne Events. (They were early bookers, though). It was a very memorable event, because it was beautiful and super fun, despite the heavy, heavy typhoon rain named Glenda (which happens to be my sister’s name). Haay so many happy mems.

Today is their anniversary, which is why I remembered them. So here’s a shoutout to them. Happy Anniversary you two! Stay in love always!

Anna & Brian with Yev ka & Jenne Events.
Fun stuff.


While bloghopping, came across Rene Gaviola’s site who featured daring photographers. My favorite one is the Fear Factor – Extreme Shooting article. It made my jaw drop.

Now who of my photographer lover friends can do this? I double dare you! 😀

Click on the image to see what’s so special about this shot.

what would you do?

My question for the day: What is your reaction when someone close to your heart cut ties with you, for whatever reason?

Do you:
Try to sort it out with the other person?
Say “keber, bahala ka rin sa buhay mo”?
Wonder, “what did I do wrong?”
Wish the other person wrong/harm/karma?
Think of what you could do to prevent it next time?
Say, “it’s better this way at least there are no more arguments”?
Good riddance to bad rubbish?
Wish that the person apologizes eventually or make amends, but you yourself, won’t do anything?
Talk negatively about the person to common friends?
Look for a kakampi?
Forgive, even if you don’t understand?

My counter question: What would Love do?

no work during a wedding

I was not a coordinator at all for the Karen-Don wedding (specific instructions from the bride) so I was in the dark of what was going on during the preparation. (They also kicked me out during the debrief! Hahaha!). I still insisted that kasali ako sa traditional team pose with the couple. Hehehe. (less the other Evelyn, who was part of the team, and Jenn’s team)

I must say, I enjoyed myself tremendously as a guest. 🙂 No stress at all. Ibang iba ang feeling. I got to enjoy the day. Although, unfortunately inallergy ako after the bouquet toss. (Less pictures for me). Buti na lang it was a pretty long event, nakahabol pa ako sa mga kulitan pics after the wedding.

It was so much fun! But Loida tells a much better photo story. Check it out.

Congratulations to good friends Karen and Don!