Family pic

I chanced upon my dad in chat kanina. After the basic kamustahans, I asked if he had any new pictures of my nephews. Since they were about to leave, he sent me some pics via skype. Some means 89 pictures kse wala na daw siyang time to choose which pics to show me, so he sent me all! Hehehe. Here are a few of my favorite pics.

By the way I told my favorite Ate in law about it, she said na kulit ng tatay ko and dapat gawa na lang siya multiply account. Hehehe. Actually not a bad idea… maybe I should do a Caratao family multiply account. Hmmm. Pag may time na siguro…


Sitting in a coffee shop in Alabang with free wifi, my favorite cafe mocha and yosi. Now this is the way to work. 🙂 Although signs that I need to leave:
– i’ve been here since 7pm
– it’s past 9pm
– coffee shop is closing and my cafe mocha is almost empty
– my lighter just ran out haha
– and my battery in my laptop malapit na maubos
– dead batt na rin phone ko, kailangan mag charge
– di na as traffic as kanina kaya driving should be a breeze

Fine, fine, time to head home na, get some rest to recharge for the upcoming week.

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