July report

It’s the first day of July and officially the second half of the year has just started. June was very tiring, a bit disappointing, stressful pero kahit paano exciting. I’m looking forward to the coming month kse daming happening neto, specifically – AM wedding, KD wedding, GS arrival, closings, closings, closings, closure with boys (di pa kse sila men eh, boys pa lang).

Firstly, it’s just 1 week to go before Maeyo’s wedding. I have my MOH dress (isn’t it so pretty?) already and my shoes (which are just as adorable and fits me perfectly!) . Thank you to Maeyo and Loids for having perfect taste! Just the shoes that I wanted to wear! Was able to do finish some tasks for the bride, the coordinating team, and also personally for me this weekend. Konti na lang ang mga left to do’s so mejo excited na for the upcoming week. Oh and I got over the sniffles na, so feeling much, much better.

My last minute to do’s na lang are:
– Coordinator’s meeting with the lead and jr. staff
– Get the sample giveaway (on wednesday)
– Buy accessories that will go with my dress 🙂 may mga nakita na ako, but puro may kulay. I think I prefer to go with simple silver, white gold or with konting swarovski, para medyo pareho ng shoes ko. That way, will be easy to reuse.
Send to AM (hopefully tonight, latest by tomorrow) the Wednesday to Sunday personal planner Meeting with AM on Wednesday
– Final coordination meeting with the team
– Get confirmation from suppliers for July 6 meeting (photo, video, event stylist, emcee) – done
– Follow up from church the bride and groom’s schedule of interview for Thursday – done
– Down payment for the bridal car, lead photog and entou hmu
– Schedule a beauty treat before the batallion arrives (kse baka wala ng time for this hehehe)
I’m happy to hear that Maeyo is at the stage of “letting go” because at least when she gets here di na sya stressed. Most of the suppliers (if not all) are doing their tasks perfectly so really, konting fine tuning na lang and we’re ready to party!

Oh and other items to accomplish this upcoming week (although not related to AM’s wedding)
– Schedule pickup of Glenn and Scheela – done
– House warming gift for Chie and Chris (send to Tita Perla)
– Make sure Tita Perla gets the video from Buddy before she leaves
– Follow up w/ Paul re: Chie’s pics
– Follow up w/ Just Click re: production period for printing of album (for Kay) – done
– Send out proposal to MM for wedding
– My decluttering goals pa pala

And finally for work (ay meron pa pala ako neto! wehehehe)
– Final expense computation and COL for GCI (must be signed on or before Tue)
– Bill MSH for CLP – done
– Follow up signed COL of DIP (due Fri)
– Send expense computation and COL to ZPI – done
– Redo COL for SSRDC and send to both ZPI and SSRDC – done
– Presentation/proposal to CUL – done
– Meeting with EUA for AP – done
– Send LOI for PFP to TWC – done
– Updates / meetings / inspection for the following clients – WPI, EP, LAI
Whew… marami pa rin pala. Di pa pala pwedeng mag rest. But at least medyo organized na mga to do’s ko. Sana the week progresses according to plan and everything will be okay.

All right? Okay, bring it on….


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