After the rain

After the very tiring, exciting, emotional, extremely fun, syempre stressful din, joyful weekend wedding/reunion of Mae and Ariel, and after a day of rest and catching my breath, I’m now relishing on sitting at my desk, drinking my cup of coffee and catching up on my day job.

Pics to follow. But in the meantime, check out the blogs of Mae and Loids.

Here’s a run down of my favorite happenings during the weekend (in no particular order):-

  • Ang ganda talaga ng Sonya’s. It was absolutely beautiful.
  • Talap talap the food of Sonya’s! πŸ˜€
  • Joreine’s prayer in blessing the food;
  • Reunion nga – seeing most of my Dubai friends all at one time;
  • During the ceremony, when Mae and Ariel said their vows (naiyak ako sobra! sobrang touched!)
  • Galing ng priest – most impressed;
  • The onsite AVP of Buddy (the videographer);
  • The best man’s (Toti, brother of Ariel, na sobrang kamukha nya!) speech (winner!)
  • The dinner the night before (with my brother, ate in law, the coordinating team and some friends) at a bulalohan. Talap, busog, talap.
  • It didn’t rain! Saturday, the day before, it rained heavily. Cats and dogs raining kind. The wedding day, the weather was beautiful.

** Picture with the couple and the other Maid of Honor **

Siyempre mas maraming kwento ang bride. Check out her blog to be updated. All in all, I felt honored to be a part of the preparation to make the wedding a reality for one of my dearest friend. I’ve already anticipated that I would be working most of the time, so I wasn’t able to catch up with kwentos with my other friends, but thank God that there’s another reunion wedding this weekend. (Karen-Don naman). Di ako work dun so dapat dami pictures.

Congratulations to Mae and Ariel. I love you both.


2 thoughts on “After the rain

  1. Now ko lang nabasa yung list of highlights mo sa post na ‘to. Talaga lang naiyak ka during our vow. hehehe. Ang ganda ganda naman talaga kasi nung vows. Galing talaga ni Fr. Emil. He chose that misalette for us.Anyway, thanks for sharing the highlights from your side. I haven’t organized myself pa to make a wedding kwento. I guess I needed to see it in pics muna. Super ganda ng pics… now am really really happy.Thanks a lot Yevka… FOR EVERYTHING!!!! You know naman that we wouldn’t have pulled it off without you…specially during the last moments. Hugz!

  2. uu. naiyak talaga. πŸ™‚ fr. emil is definitely something. you’re welcome maeyo. i would have wanted it better myself (less the stress and booboos) but as long as you and ariel are happy, then masaya na rin ako. congrats uli. mwah. πŸ™‚

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