no work during a wedding

I was not a coordinator at all for the Karen-Don wedding (specific instructions from the bride) so I was in the dark of what was going on during the preparation. (They also kicked me out during the debrief! Hahaha!). I still insisted that kasali ako sa traditional team pose with the couple. Hehehe. (less the other Evelyn, who was part of the team, and Jenn’s team)

I must say, I enjoyed myself tremendously as a guest. πŸ™‚ No stress at all. Ibang iba ang feeling. I got to enjoy the day. Although, unfortunately inallergy ako after the bouquet toss. (Less pictures for me). Buti na lang it was a pretty long event, nakahabol pa ako sa mga kulitan pics after the wedding.

It was so much fun! But Loida tells a much better photo story. Check it out.

Congratulations to good friends Karen and Don!


2 thoughts on “no work during a wedding

  1. Super sarap talaga maging bisita lang. Makikichika ka sa ibang guests. Wala kang worry at all. Kakain ka lang. Makikikulitan ka sa pictures!!! Gaganda ng pics. Inggit ako nung wala na kami… ah well… had to be with his family..Sarap din food dun! kakamiss!!! Princesa ako dun! SAYA!!!

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