Happy Anniversary!

While updating the look of my blog, I included the portion of wedding bookmarks, because I love reminiscing about past client/friends weddings. And I remembered Anna & Brian.

They were one of the first few non-friend clients who booked Yev ka & Jenne Events. (They were early bookers, though). It was a very memorable event, because it was beautiful and super fun, despite the heavy, heavy typhoon rain named Glenda (which happens to be my sister’s name). Haay so many happy mems.

Today is their anniversary, which is why I remembered them. So here’s a shoutout to them. Happy Anniversary you two! Stay in love always!

Anna & Brian with Yev ka & Jenne Events.
Fun stuff.


One thought on “Happy Anniversary!

  1. wow! i’m so flattered to see us in your blog 🙂 i was just goin to drop a line in your shoutbox pero i saw this entry about us *blush* so here i am scribbling, hehe. thank you and good to hear from you again. keep in touch!

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