Movie Madness

Glenn, Scheela, Roy and I along with newly weds Karen and Don met up last night to watch The Simpsons Movie. Karen told me she wanted to watch Ouija (which I didn’t want to, because I’m a scaredy cat, hehehe) so I was glad that the Scheela and co were really kids who wanted to see the Simpsons. It was such a hilarious movie! Perfect for a no-brainer night. Hehehe.

And even if I was really tired, we waited for the rest of the Pangilinan clan (Scheela’s cousins) to watch Ratatouille. Back to back movie. Hehehe. Really tired, there was a part that I slept through it. But I liked it din.

Good way to end the day. 🙂 Watch it guys. Much recommended. 😀


2 thoughts on “Movie Madness

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