My July

Finally it’s the last day of July! 😀 I’m so happy (and a little sad) that it’s over. So much has happened this last month to name a few:

  • Mae & Ariel’s wedding
  • Karen & Don’s wedding
  • Ariel’s bday party
  • Davao weekend getaway
  • Maui & Allan’s wedding
  • Mhinx bday party
  • Reunions
  • Parties
  • Kainan

And of course, workwise:

  • Closed deal w/ CLP
  • Closed deal w/ GCI
  • Closed deal w/ ZPI
  • Closed deal w/ DIP
  • Closed deal w/ PAPF

I was hoping that these closed deals would be reflected in my payslip, but unfortunately, hindi lahat naka pasok. Sigh. Sa August pa ako yayaman at babawi sa pag deplete ng account ko c/o July events. In the meantime, I am saying farewell to alot of the Dubai balikbayans who were here for the reunions. I’m gonna miss you guys. Keep in touch ha.

*Shout outs to Maeyo, Ariel, Loids, Liz, Karen, new found friendster Jinky, Dhon ni Geni (kahit di ko nakita), and Beng (kahit di nagpakita).

*Future shout outs (yung mga aalis in a couple of days) to my favorite Kuya and favorite Ate in law, Geni, Don ni Karen, Mhinx, Apple, Maui and Allan.

See you soon guys! 😉 I’m so looking forward to it!


If June was about meeting new people, July was about rekindling relationships of my past. I’m excited to see what August will bring…


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