i want 3 maids too

Maeyo had it all. A maid to do the planning from Pinas. A maid to keep her senses in tact. And a maid to shoot the important moments and plan her shower. Can I have 3 maids on my wedding too? If yes, why stop at 3 anyway? Let’s make it 4 or 5 (6, 7, 8?) Heeheehee!

Okay I’m kidding. Why am I even thinking about maids for my wedding when I haven’t even decided that I want a groom (yet)? Hmm, if I have 8 maids, can I also have 8 grooms? Okay too much. 7 na lang. Hahaha!


Yesterday was weird. Out of the blue, I had a guy friend who called me up (overseas) to ask me about wedding stuff. How much would it cost him to have a wedding with a 250-guest in Tagaytay, etc. He wasn’t the only one. Another guy friend also overseas now, chatted with me and asked more or less the same question. Sure, I’m a target to get general information on these kinds of things because I’m a planner (to the best of my ability), but heck… nagkataon na sabay kse. And it just proves a point I was thinking about the other night. Everyone’s in love except me. Okay, don’t react. I’m sure you’ll say I’m exaggerating and stuff. And of course I am. I’m a girl. That’s what we do best.

So fine, here’s an addendum to that statement. Everyone’s in love… except me and Loida. Hehehe. 😛 (nandamay daw? I love you Poidy!)

My prince will come. Just you wait, my 8 maids.

Okay, I’ll go back to being my cynic self again. (Blame this mood on the weather outside).

4 thoughts on “i want 3 maids too

  1. hehehhe…Oo nga… I realized it after the wedding na…nung nakita ko yung pic natin…while I was dressing up for the wedding. SOBRA!hehehe… THANKS LOADS!So…8 maids ba kamo?

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