what the hell is in Central?

Central Bbq Boy Grill – apparently they’ve got the regular street food – barbeque, isaw, etc – and cheap beer.

Nothing special?

Then why is that I haven’t been able to go in because of the long line of people waiting outside for seats? And why are there about 30 or more cars parked along the street to visit Central? Any why, even when they’ve just recently opened in BF Resort (a few weeks old), are they already packed with people, just like how they are in BF Paranaque?

There is no band, no secret coded drugs, place is not even aircon-ed. And yet it’s being flocked by South-based teeners, yuppies, families as a regular kainan and gimmick place, not just on weekends, but everyday. Including the dead Tuesday. When you go there, you see people dressed in their pambahays, and you also see people dressed in latest gimmick attire. There are even two bouncers who make sure you cannot just enter without a table.

What’s their secret? Why are they such a big hit? What’s their form of marketing? Can I copy? I’m dying to find out. And I want to get in.

My favorite Radio DJ apparently is south based as well and speaks highly of Central as the “in-place” in South.

Well I’m going to find out… sooner or later I will.

3 thoughts on “what the hell is in Central?

  1. hi! yeah, what is it with CENTRAL, huh?! =) friendly tip, go there early (from around 7 to 9pm) so you can get seats *wink* …

  2. An update on Central in Paranaque. Apparently they closed already. 2 days ago. They became a nuisance with the homeowners their. It was no longer safe. Tapos ang ingay pa. Hmmm. I wonder if the one in BFRV will close din.

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