Started my week with a laugh

I’m not a movie addict, so I’m not the best critic. I can’t even remember if I watched the first two movies. But heck Rush Hour 3 was just hilarious. I loved the first scene with Tucker-Traffic-IPod. Riot talaga! Oh and the bloopers part din pala at the credits. Hahaha!

Watch it guys. I recommend it, even when it got way too corny (the part with the French translations, didn’t like it particularly well). Oh, I did say that I’m not a movie addict, but I did get wowed by the Jackie Chan stunts. What can I say, I’m easy to please.


On a tougher note, I’m being grilled at the office with some boo-boos that happened to my client’s accounts. It’s becoming more challenging especially with so many legal issues coming up. Need to stay away from blogging actually as this is distracting. (As if, hehehe). I just need a breather.

3 thoughts on “Started my week with a laugh

  1. Have you watched Bourne Ultimatum? Highly recommended… Stunts and action pace just amazing! Watch it! So… Singapore?

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