3 truths & 3 lies

  1. I’m moving to Dubai. Yep. I’ve decided to join my brother, his wife and their unborn baby. Later on, we plan to move to Canada together. Mas madali kse kung from Dubai we go to Canada. I’m just praying that there are some jobs I can get my hands on when I get there.
  2. I’m falling for someone, not yet the “hard kind”, just the “medium kind” if there’s such a thing. He’s funny, makes me laugh all the time, gives me attention I need, pampers me silly. Yun nga lang, I’m not sure if he’s looking for a relationship right now. I don’t want naman to be an in between… yung kayo, na hindi kayo, kinda thing. Kasawa na ng ganun.
  3. I’ve been offered a job in Cebu. The pay is good, the benefits were reasonable tapos may accommodation pa. I’m really tempted but I don’t know anyone there. It’ll be work work work, kung ganon. I’ll be going to Cebu next week to talk to see if we can iron out details and see din if there’s a life out there waiting for me. Sana may mga gwapong Cebuano, might make the decision easier.
  4. I’ll be called in court by sometime mid-September to October to stand as witness. I’m shit scared. I’ve actually planned to resign just to get away from it. But that would be so irresponsible and unprofessional of me, now would it.
  5. I’m toying with the idea to coach again this year. Life coaching played a big part of my growth, but I’ve been out of the loop since 2004. (3 years na pala). Last quarter of this year I plan to go back and see if I can coach again. And reconnect with generally positive people. I think I need it, especially with the goal setting that I have for 2008.
  6. I’ve also toyed with the idea of getting a lipo. For my thighs. And my a$$. Hahaha! Vanity. I’m praying to earn big big big bucks so that I can afford it.

10 thoughts on “3 truths & 3 lies

  1. ate, cebu is nice. but what’s the point of starting all over again if you plan to leave it all behind anyway? dito ka nalang. kahit tomorrow kapa punta!!! isama pa natin tong guy you’re falling for. hehehehe. WE WANT YOU HERE!! NOT ANYWHERE ELSE!!!!

  2. i’m emotional!i’ve got outrageous outbursts i can’t control!! i’m also pregnant and i can’t control it!!!wahahaha…POINT IS: I’m excused. wahahahaha…..spoiled ako for 9 months!!

  3. i already know you’re coming here…but then again, i dont wana count on it coz its been years and you’re still there! =p

  4. So you’re thinking of Moving to Canada after I’ve already left!!! haha I’m living in Ireland, but I’m pretty sure it’s not permanent. Hey guess what… I’m going to be in Manila this December. My cousin is getting married (who isn’t this year?) and I have to go home. If you’re there can we meet up? I miss you!! I’m sorry I’m so terrible at keeping in touch… 😦 talk soon!

  5. I’m guessing 1, 2 and 4 are true. If 1 is true – perfect! Come to Canada soon… there’s so many things to do! So when are you going to reveal the truths?

  6. nice guesses.. hmm. i’ll reveal it a step at a time. regina! omg! haven’t heard from you in ages! how’ve you been?

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