Oh what a night

I have a “bad luck pacifier”. And what I mean by that is I have a friend who happens to meet me always when I’m having a stroke of bad luck. Sometimes helps, sometimes doesn’t, but at least he helped me keep my cool whenever I’m feeling malas.

The first time was when I was driving along Ayala Alabang. I felt that I had a flat because of the way the wheel turned so I pulled over. I didn’t have a flat tire. I had 2. So I sat on the sidewalk, stared at my wheels, and thought “what the f** do i do now?”. If that wasn’t enough, it started to rain. Oh and did I mention that it was 3 in the morning?

Anyway, BLP came along to offer to drop me home after I had one of the tires changed and called for a wrecker. That was 3 years ago (I think).

The next times we met were other freak incidents, once involving getting hit by a motor cycle, another when my car key refused to turn so I couldn’t drive my car (malas talaga ako). And yesterday, when I thought that the day couldn’t get any worse, I decided to lock myself out of my house.

I was supposed to meet BLP for a drink in Tribu. I ended up asking him to help me break open my door instead. We didn’t, kse my doors was hard to break into (good news) and my keys were “reachable” naman using a long stick and a hook through my window. Siyempre that was after a series of tries and mis-tries.

I was thinking that I’ve got to be the biggest klutz, but I realized, it wasn’t me. It was BLP! Hahaha! Kidding kidding. But it doesn’t hurt to stay away either. Wahaha! 😛

Thanks din to Scheela’s kuya na binalabog ko. 😀


Syempre di natapos ang gabi. I chatted pa with my good friend na may “boy” problem. Gosh, I’m not the perfect person to be giving out love advice. But in fairness, I was impressed by how she handled it.

Hmmm.. it seems we’re growing up na.


4 thoughts on “Oh what a night

  1. actually he gave me the keys when you left. but i left that inside the house as well. (muk mapi me!) i was telling him that i wished i didn’t get it muna from him. (sa huli ang pagsisisi.)he actually gave me a stick w/ a hook din. pero naunahan lang ako ni BLP.

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