Kaching kaching!

That’s the sound of money being spent.

For the past few days because Egay has decided to come for a visit, we’ve been sent home. No work doesn’t mean rest. No work means doing my long overdue personal errands and chores. So I had Henry checked. (Also because linusong ko siya sa baha the other day. I got stuck in a jam, and the water kept going higher and higher. Ayun, kahit hindi ko gusto ilusong, nalusong din sya.) You have to understand that I’m an idiot w/ cars. So I asked for a quote of what I need to fix and stuff from my mechanic. Here’s what I heard. (And what I kept hearing at the back of my head).

“Ma’am you need to have your shock abs changed.” Kaching.
“Um ma’m your head gasket is leaking. That needs to be changed.” Kaching.
“Ma’am you need to change the pads because it’s substandard.” Kaching.
“We repacked the front right bearing. We need to do the same for the left front bearing.” Kaching.
“That means, there’s a possibility we need to replace the rotor disc.” Kaching.
“Yung maingay, that’s not coins, that’s the bushing.” Kaching.
“While you’re at it, let’s fix your power windows.” Kaching.
“And your power lock na din.” Kaching.
“And ma’am, mataas na mileage mo, malamang lalabas na mga sira ng car mo.” Kaching, kaching, kaching!
“Oh ma’am. Ma’am, please don’t give me the finger.”

My poor Henry.


I went to the dentist. And here’s what doc told me.

“It seems your wisdom tooth is growing. We need to see the direction of its growth. You need to have a panoramic xray.” Kaching.

Did the xray.

“We need to operate because it’s not growing upright.” Kaching.
“Seems you need to have another tooth fixed.” Kaching.

Money being spent. Love it.


3 thoughts on “Kaching kaching!

  1. lol I HATE the dentist!! So very much!! And that’s exactly why… because all I ever here there is kaching, kaching, kaching! And none of it is going in my pocket!!Anyway, I’ve been good!! Living in Ireland at the moment! haha coming home in December. Will you be there? Can I see you again? I miss you!

  2. Ouch, I can imagine. If the weather had only cooperated, your friendly neighborhood “banawe boy” would’ve slightly muffled the “kaching-kaching!”. šŸ™‚

  3. @ reg: gosh ngayon ko lang nabasa comment mo. hehehe. YES i’ll be here in December. we should definitely hang. dying to hear about Him . šŸ˜‰

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