The Tops

Here’s a teaser. More pics to follow when I get the time…

Yesterday, we went to the “TOPS”, Cebu’s mountain viewing deck (apparently the highest part of the island). We saw a panoramic view of Cebu’s city lights. It was beautiful. Mas maganda daw pumunta ng just before sun down because that’s where the sun sets. We went there night na kse, so wasn’t able to see that. But it was still well worth it.
Unfortunately we didn’t have any decent night mode cam so we weren’t able to capture the beautiful view.

After having our food cooked in the local “dampa” style, we took our food and brought it to the Tops where we picnicked. Loved the stuffed squid and the fried lapu lapu. Talap!
I believe today is going to the market and buying a series of pasalubongs. Hmm. Sino kaya bibilhan ko ng pasalubong?


5 thoughts on “The Tops

  1. HMMMM I want some fried Lapu lapu! Even if I did know how to cook it (which I do) I doubt I’d find some here in Ireland!! haha

  2. When I saw your pic, I thought you were in antipolo.Gusto ko din pasalubong!!! :)Next time we go home, ISLAND HOPPING TAYO!!!

  3. galing. lahat ng nghihingi ng pasalubong, wala d2. hehehe!reg: talap the fried lapu lapu! hehe!maeyo: ur so right! yun din ang sabi ko! parang antiplo! hahaha! sure for island hopping. your last trip was too short…loids, chie, pag d2 kayo, i’ll give you danggit!

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