blooper and a unique wedding

My brother beat me to this post, but what the heck. Kasali rin ako. So here’s my version of it.


I think my good friend Kris, most recent bride, said it best when she said “a wedding won’t be as memorable without the bloopers!” Sometimes the bigger the blooper, the funnier it is to reminisce.

Last Saturday was Kris and Harvie’s Christian wedding in Orchidarium. I was part of the entourage (Cord) and my brother (who came all the way from Dubai for the weekend, specifically to attend the wedding) was the groomsman. We were already at the preps venue the night before along with the other abays. Because Kris used to be a coordinator as well (former partner in C3), she planned her wedding well. Everything was right on track. But it doesn’t mean that there would be no hustle and bustle come D-Day.

And hustle and bustle it was. My assignment was to assist Kris in the preps. By 5:00pm, flowers were distributed, so were the veil, cord and matches to the SS, hair and makeup already finished with the bride, and working on the MOG and SOG (sister of groom), while the photo/video clicking away at the bride and groom’s rooms respectively. All the items to be brought to Orchidarium was in one big box (marriage certificate, souvenirs, poppers, etc). I had my brother bring down the box and put in our car (designated driver for the groom). The parking was quite a walk, so he asked the porter to leave it in the lobby instead and that he’d load it when it was time to go. The wedding was to start at 6pm pa naman.

Everything else went smoothly, including the entourage/bridal march. (Although the girls ended up sitting at the right side, while the guys at the left). That was still okay. Kris marched and Perrine (Harv’s sister, veil) next to me started crying. Kyle (Kris’ sister, MOH) started to cry as well. I thought “So it’s going to be this kind of wedding”.

And stop.

It ended up not to be that kind of wedding. Instead it was full of tawa, and “oh my God!”, huwhat?! moments.

Halfway through the ceremony, junior coordinator Anna came up to me asking where was the marriage certificate. And I said, oh shoot, it’s still gotta be in the car. So I gave her my car key and asked her to get it. And then it hit me… did Glenn even bring the big box from the lobby? I didn’t instruct him anymore. I was too busy having pictures taken with the rest of the female abays. So there we were, Kyle, Perrine, and me, looking at one another, saying to each other “Oh my GAWD!”. No marriage contract!

So Glenn rushed back to the hotel but didn’t make it in time. When the pastor asked for the marriage contract, Kyle went up to the couple with the “fake” contract (basically bond paper, that had the couple’s name on it for them to sign on) inside a folder. And with her fantastic smile, she said, “Smile lang kayo. Wag ma stress. Tingin sa camera.” Then placed the folder in front of the bewildered couple, and walked back down. So the dynamic duo opened the folder and saw the big smiley face staring at them. Reaction? They tried to stifle a laugh, and hiding the paper from the photographer who was trying to get a shot of it. That “signed thing” will be part of the couple’s scrapbook for sure.


And of course, it won’t be a Kris & Harv wedding without being odd and truly unique. Here are some of the things that made it fly:
– Harv’s best man, well, was a woman. She was in a barong and one of the most bakla person I’ve ever met. She was hilarious.
– Their grand entrance for the reception was John Cena’s Theme (Basic Thugonomics). With matching dance number ha!
– Dancing, dancing, dancing (all fun, no tears shed).
– Oooh, the cake(s) — okay so not unique although it was odd that they had a 3-tiered fondant cake, another one layered fondant cake, plus about 150 cupcakes.
– The crowd. Especially the IBMs and the Convergys crowd. They who hooted, whistled, joined in the fun. They definitely caused havok.
– Picture taking. Because the photog simply couldn’t get people to do a “serious” pose. Each and every pose was wacky and crazy.

Haay riot. And oh so fun.


To Kris and Harv. It took you ages, but finally you’re there. (Literally ‘after 10 years‘). CONGRATS AND BEST WISHES!!!

Luvyu guys.


Pics to follow.


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