white light

“Sometimes the only way to move forward is to go back.”


For the past few weeks and months, I have felt “unexcellent”. I was always complaining. Rant, rant, rant. Sometimes, I have something to blog about, but don’t simply because I didn’t want it to be another negative thought put into words, and worse, put into public knowledge. Most of this negativity resulted to poor work ethics. I’m totally guilty of it. And no, I am not proud of it.

One day, sometime after my Cebu trip, I made a conscious decision to stop the drama.

My colleagues, most especially my boss saw and felt the change and commented on it. The self motivation was my driving force, but for sure the affirmations helped. Now, though, they are more sanay to the “positive” attitude that the affirmations have stopped. Yesterday I was 15 minutes late to get to work.


In an effort to stay positive, I have decided to go to back. Back to the point in my life where everything was always forward moving. That had to be during my life-coaching days 2 or 3 years ago.

Last night was step one. And what a step. Here’s some things I’ve missed to hear.

Take a deep breath. Be grounded. What are your wins? What do you commit to be? What do you choose now? What’s the lesson? What have you learned? Choose your higher self. What’s the value? Just trust. Accept and be open to the process. Love yourself.

And finally, the killer phrase that caught me off guard because I haven’t heard it for such a long long time – “Let’s white light Yev ka.”

It feels surreal to be back. It’s like I’m new and old at the same time. Like meeting a best friend I’ve lost touch with, for the first time. It’s being excited, but scared; sure, but doubtful. Insecure and challenged. But seeing opportunities everywhere.

So here’s to new experiences, possibly new friends, new inspirations and new lessons.

I drink to that.


6 thoughts on “white light

  1. Eves, that’s amazing advice (even though you weren’t giving advice, just sharing your experiences). I made a post on my blog last week about how I’m always so angry, so mad at the world and after Ate Mae’s entry I felt better. And now, this is another thing to help! 😉

  2. @reg – yeah i read your blog entry myself. i’m glad that in my own little way i helped. you know, i re-confirmed with myself over the weekend that happiness is a choice. passion is a choice. and the dramas will continue only if we allow them to. here’s to more white light for you, for me, and to all the people in our lives. trust that this to, shall pass.

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