facebook fever

After reading Maeyo’s post on Facebook, I got inspired to create my own account and see what’s the hype. And OMG, it was like a St. Mary’s reunion! 😀 I saw many of my classmates from Dubai there, and it was so good to be updated in what’s going on in their lives. It makes me feel how much we’ve all grown, and how, even if we were lightyears apart, we’ll all still be part of each others lives. (Not much friends from Pinas, I guess we’re still addicted to Friendster, hehe!)

Thanks for the comment Sharmeely and Becky. Will email you soon. 🙂


2 thoughts on “facebook fever

  1. hahahaha =Dthat was the reason why i joined coz there are actually more people i can get in touch with rather than friendster…more friends from highschool, more friends from work, and family!!=D

  2. high school reunion!!! hahaha! and because everybody seems to be everywhere, we could do a facebook conference chat! hahaha! is there such a thing???

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