Start of my journey

Happy Halloween. Sitting in my favorite coffeeshop in Alabang, waiting for my cousin. Will be going to the Cemetery tonight for some ghost hunting. Just kidding. Will be visiting Mamay & Papay’s grave with the rest of the family.

**Traffic for sure.**


Just a quick blog for the month end.

Today I:

  • Chose to move forward
  • Became excited for new beginnings
  • Started saying “good” farewells
  • Discovered my blind spots
  • Learned to be different
  • Showed my loyalty
  • Accepted feedback
  • Was constructive
  • Shared my dreams
  • Looked for answers
  • Was amazed how things fall into place
  • Acknowledged the fear
  • Laughed hysterically
  • Apologized sincerely
  • Showed humility
  • Appreciated the gratitude

Can it be in the new blog header? I’m shouting to the world, proclaiming, saying that I’m looking for my dreams.

This is definitely a good start to my journey.

Of birthdays and parties

Happy birthday Kris! Don’t worry about getting old… nasa Lotto ka pa rin naman eh! Hahaha!


It was a simple celebration. Harv cooked the only dish he knows – some sort of pasta. Harv’s folks came over and brought litson (talap) and I bought cake. Kris’ mom bought utensils, because Kris and Harv just realized that their house is built for two (plus me – mga extra, extra stuff lang, hehe). This is the first time they’re holding a “party” in their house, and had limited plates, spoons, forks, glasses, pang sandok and stuff. They got wine glasses for their wedding though, hehe. But that was about it. I now understand the importance of a bridal registry! 😀

Anyway, it was made a dash more interesting with the new toy Harv “nenoked” from his office. The Nintendo Wii.

Check out Perrine, Harv’s oh-so-funny-screams-like-a-bading sister who, it seemed, was the ideal Wii customer!

**Recently updated vid**

It’s a sign?

How cool! Fernwoods has a South counterpart called Fernbrook! And look! They have a gondola ride that takes you from the chapel to the reception! Coolness!

Maeyo just created a new header for me (just haven’t been able to put it up yet because haven’t had the time) that included a gondola. How SWAK! 😀 (Maeyo, the image for the header’s at the office 😦 will be able to send to you by Tuesday. I tried it the other day, but there were some errors that came up. Will upload/send/change my header asap) .

Anyway, found out about Fernbrook because this years WAW Christmas party will be held there. I’m not as active in coordination for quite sometime since the September (last wedding). Maybe something will come up on Dec/Jan when things get less hectic at work.

*Cross fingers*

Long weekend upcoming! Yay!

Am I geek enough?

I’ve just discovered the Apple iPhone last week (same time I discovered Bizu)! I so want it. Maybe because before I settled for my Dell Inspiron Laptop, I was raving about how sleek the Apple Macbook was and how my eyes would get wider just by looking at it! But at the end of the day, I was happy and content with my Chiko – that’s my laptop. It does the job, and that’s what matters. But now the iPhone! Huwaw! Harv’s saying he has a friend selling it for P15K ONLY! In the stores, it’s going for P25K. So OMG! I am so-ooo interested.

What do YOU think of the iPhone? Is it worth it? I’m thinking wait till they fix whatever bugs etc. But I don’t know. Help me decide…

Shout Out!

Here’s a shout out to my favorite brother and my favorite sister!

Here’s wishing you loads of happiness!

Oh and whatever you got Glenn from Scheela, and whatever you got Nana from the folks, Baji and the kids – naki share ako sa thoughts. Hahahha!