addiction, addiction

I just finished watching Season 4 Episode 1 of Grey’s. Huli na ako sa balita, I know. Hard to get my hands on the show. And my goodness, buffering takes forever. Doesn’t help that work has been hectic.

I actually started watching after office last Monday. But I couldn’t wait for it to end, so now I had to do w/ the buffering all over again! Gosh that took forever!

But, oh my goodness… now that I’m done, I loved it! I loved the show. Drama, drama, too much drama. But I absolutely loved it. 🙂

Here are my fave parts:

The Mark-Derek scene rocked!

Oh and I got to watch the first 5 minutes of Heroes Season 2 Episode 2. Poor Peter… 😦 I’m looking forward to watch that as well.

I’ve also resolved to stop looking at spoilers. I will be patient and stop watching previews. I realized that last week, but I still did it today. (Damn it). Now I’m so bitin with both shows! So well, this is a spoiler. Don’t be tempted if you don’t want any spoilers.

Let’s be addicted together!


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