desktop tag

Maeyo tagged me last week, but I haven’t been able to share my desktop. Because I was in the office and my desktop in the office was boring. But I’ll share it anyway.

I told you boring. That’s our company logo. And it’s not a requirement to have our logo in our desktop. But I did it to set an example (as if) haha! Dati nga Mission-Vision pa talaga. I’m trying to commit myself to the company. And it helped before to always be reminded that I’m part of something bigger than myself.

These are my laptop desktops.

The first is mine (under my user name), and the second is for “guest” users. Both pics were taken during my Dubai trip last December. 🙂 As a constant reminder that my dad is the greatest dad in the world for getting me this laptop during that trip! Hahaha! And the second to remind me of my family all the time. Not that I forget (even if I don’t write as often as you want me to). I love looking at the Dubai pics. It’s a rare, rare occasion to have everyone together.

All my desktop are clean. Para lang siyang picture. I hide all the icons para neat. May mga shortcuts lang kung saan saan.

I’m tagging anyone who wants to join. 😀 Maeyo’s got all the instructions.


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