On my way to Singapore

My calendar looks like this.

04:30am Wake up and get ready
05:30am Leave for airport
06:30am Check in at airport
08:30am Leave for Singapore – Philippine Airlines PR503
11:30am Arrive at Singapore. Meet Danna



That didn’t happen. I’m sitting in a coffee shop in Alabang BLOGGING. Contemplating on my foiled Singapore plans.

Here’s what happened.

My sister and her hubby planned to go to Singapore because Baj was to do some training there. They invited me to meet them there, so I planned my leave for it. I was excited coz I”ve never been to Singapore and it seems that most of my friends have been there. Plus one of my very good friends, Danna is there, and I couldn’t wait to see her again. She even planned to take a couple days off just to spend time with me. Just before I confirmed my flight, Nana called to say that they’re not pushing through. 😦 Apparently the class weren’t filled up, so there was no training to do. I still had the option to go, but as Nana and Baj were my primary reason for going, I decided to push it back. I planned to go end of October instead, so that I could take advantage of the long weekend (and hindi masyadong tight ang leave). But even that didn’t push through because Danna will be going naman to Australia our other friend. They invited me there as well, and I thought long and hard about making an Australia holiday instead.

At the end of the day, I decided that I’ll hold on to the Singapore money for a while. It’s more expensive to travel to Australia kse (3x the airfare alone). And although I could, it may not be the responsible thing to do right now.

So there. On a bright side, I was able to take a leave today from work since I got burnt out from the office. (A separate issue). Current rant is “too many cooks spoil the broth”. Ah well…

On a brighter side, I think I’ll use the Singapore money when my mom gets here. We could go to Boracay or Bohol or somewhere for a getaway. Thailand or Bangkok according to Ate, is cheaper. Ma, what do you think? Replace one travel plan with another…


3 thoughts on “On my way to Singapore

  1. If you’re disappointed… what about me? I haven’t been to Singapore either!!! 😦 At least may option ka pa to go somewhere at the end of the year… 😦

  2. @seester – don’t worry, we’ll get there….@poidy – we foiled our sing plans din. 😦 but it’s okay, there will be other times for us too.

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