We are the champions!

I feel sorry for the UE Warriors. Their history has been 3rd placer for 5 years already. This season, they’ve been rooted to win. They had a 14-0 winning streak in the elimination round, apparently that hasn’t happened for the last 14 years. During the elimination, they beat La Salle once. So they were expected to win.

The only two times that UE lost in Season 70 was in the Championship Round, the games that mattered the most! I mean, how can you not feel sorry for them.

And to top it off, this is a new Archers team. Last year, we didn’t make it to UAAP because of being disqualified (panget ng record diba?) because of supposed cheating that happened the year before. So when they came back this year, most of the players were rookies. And yet they grabbed the gold. Talk about comeback!

Oh, and by the way, there was a 9 point lead (73-64). UE can rant that the first game was a fluke (1 point lead) but this one, definitely you cannot call a fluke.

So even if I feel sorry for UE (no UE jokes here; we can just go back to bashing Ateneo!) I feel that Archers fought the good fight. So, I’ll hold my green head up high because this year, we’ve redeemed ourselves. *Sing now* We are the champions! We are the champions! *tee hee*.

Click on the image below for details of the game. 🙂

(By the way, if I get my stats wrong, please let me know. Most of these are hearsay. I’m not a big UAAP fan!)


For icing on the cake, I watched the Pacquiao-Barrera game with my relatives, with Manny winning the 12-round. Click here for the details. Hurray for a victorious Sunday!


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