Checklist – then take action

What is Draining You?
by Bo Sanchez

Get Rid Of It If You Can.

I don’t intend to write a complete list of how you need to care for yourself. (I’ll do that in another article.)

But here’s a question I want you to ask yourself: What is draining you?

What person, thing, activity, group, habit, situation, and places in your life drains your joy and life and energy and holiness? What sucks your happiness?

If you can get rid of that draining thing, do so!

By doing that, you’ll grow up and have more life and energy for the right things that God wants you to do.

In other words, I’m asking you to set your boundaries.

Let me list the probable “draining” things in your life…

1. Take care of your emotional health.

o I spend a lot of time with “emotional vampires”—people who are so dependent on me, or those who are exceedingly negative, or those who emotionally manipulate me…
o I still hang on to a dead-end romantic relationship
o I don’t have close friends
o I watch too much TV
o I don’t have time just to rest and reflect, to read and plan

2. Take care of your family life

o My relationship with my spouse / kids / family is shallow
o I have a long-standing conflict with a family member
o My home environment is chaotic
o I feel I’m not a great mother (father, son, daughter…)

3. Take care of your professional life

o I don’t enjoy my job
o I feel that I’m not fulfilling my mission in my job
o I feel that my core gifts can be used elsewhere
o I can no longer work with my co-workers
o I don’t see a future in my career

4. Take care of your physical health

o I don’t eat the right food
o I don’t sleep enough
o I don’t exercise enough
o I have a vice that’s robbing me of my health

5. Take care of your financial health

o I let “parasites” depend on me instead of letting them stand on their own
o I have huge debts
o I pay my bills late
o I don’t know where my money is going each month
o I don’t have savings and investment plan
o I know I won’t have enough for my retirement and old age

6. Take care of your spiritual health

o I’m in bondage to an addiction that’s draining me spiritually
o I focus on my sin, not on God’s love for me
o I don’t spend time with God
o I lack a faith community of friends to support me
o I feel I’m not following my own moral compass
o I feel I’m not serving God and others

If you checked any of the items above, do something about it! Ask for help.

But don’t get drained to the point that there’s nothing to give anymore.

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