A new environment

I said the other day I was going to change my physical environment. Today is day 1. I’ve decided to rent the Calim’s spare room in California Garden Square in Mandaluyong. Yesterday I moved in, and it was eventful, to say the least.

Here are some of the advantages of moving;

  1. It is much, much nearer to work, as compared to Las Pinas;
  2. I get to save on gas;
  3. I get to live with friends;
  4. When I want to, I can go swimming (CGS has a pool!)
  5. I get to be more responsible (since kailangan makisama);
  6. I can talk to somebody else;
  7. My mobile landline now becomes more useful;
  8. I’m closer to the gimmick area;
  9. I’m very, very close to Aimee and Anne 🙂 – practically 3 min. ride away;
  10. I’m farther from LP distractions (i.e. boys);
  11. The CGS environment already is a major plus (most of my needs are within the compound – laundromat, salon, ministop).

Of course, I’m also anticipating on:

  1. The house is not mine – kailangan makisama;
  2. Parking is expensive – P20 an HOUR – and it may not compensate for the gas savings;
  3. I’d need to leave my car in LP or at the parking in the office, if ever;
  4. I’d need to stay away from my LP house for longer periods of time;
  5. I can’t just leave my dirty clothes, or underwear lying around andI need to clean up after eating;
  6. Kris will be leaving in a couple of weeks to go to US anyway so we won’t be able to play;
  7. Although I’ve complained about my slow, almost nil internet connection at home, the fact that I was able to download episodes lately, means I will miss my internet;
  8. I would need to start looking for “kasabay” going to and fro Mandaluyong;
  9. I will be tempted to stay longer sa office because mas malapit sa inuuwian.

Anyway, this is a one month trial period. Will see what happens after.


So now I only have to work on changing my blog template. 😀
Will do in the next few days.


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