Would you prefer games

During the outing last weekend, we played the “would you prefer” game. They would give you 2 scenarios and you’d have to choose which you’d prefer. Can’t be both or may ibang conditions. It’s as is. The questions were really hilarious, and many of them says a lot about the person.

Here are some of the questions that I remember. (You can play this game as ice breakers, getting to know you’s or wala lang games).

What would you prefer?
1. Dying young or living till you’re 150 years old?
2. Guys to wear condoms w/ vinegar, or condoms w/ fish sauce (patis)?
3. Girls with glow in the dark hair in the hohum, or holographic boobs?
4. Work where you get 4x of high, or sex where you get 2x as high?
5. French kiss a camel for $500, or eat dog poo for $5000?

There are crazier questions, believe me. But it was a great ice breaker (you should try it!)

By the way, I included a poll of our favorite question. Participate! 😀


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