Reaffirmed lessons

Questions to ask myself when life isn’t working:

  1. Am I in integrity? Am I living up to my word? In other words, when I say something, does it happen? Do I do it?
  2. Rather than focus on my B.S. (bull shit / belief systems), what is my essence? Am I living up to it? Am I being committed and responsible?
  3. Am I grounded? Does every little thing affect me? Am I not grounded on what’s the here and now? Is the future worrying me, the past affecting me, rather than just living in the present and letting go?
  4. Finally, have I given? If I’m already living up to my word, and in my essence, already grounded, have I given – because giving is the fastest way to be happy. Giving 100% and life will work.

I re-learned these lessons last night. I forgot about them, but now I remembered. And what beautiful lessons to learn.


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