Indulge me

We’ve just had lunch in Gerry’s grill in Promenade in Greenhills. We weren’t happy with the service we got (the waitress was chewing gum while assisting us to our seat, the table next to us were a group of teenagers who were too noisy – and ended up not eating anything – and we got irritated, another waiter came to take our order, the food took time to be served so we asked for the drinks first, after which the gum-chewer asked for our orders again because they misplaced our order – oh and she blamed the first order taker saying he was a newbie, and the leche flan we ordered didn’t arrive!) This was past 2 already, and there was not much customers. So obviously disappointed we went to have our desert elsewhere.

Our disappointment ended the moment we entered Bizu. The shop was light and airy. The attendant knew her stuff, and the cakes… ooh the cakes were a sight! My mouth was watering the moment I saw them!

I tried the Macarons de Paris sample and simply swooned. I mean if the macarons tasted like this, what more the cakes!

We ordered the “Samba” (choco cake) and “Mango Chiboust” (mango cheesecake) along with coffee and hot choco.

The moment I tasted the Samba, it was as if I died and went to heaven. It was *that* good! The chocolate was perfect! The serving size just right. Aack. My mouth is watering just remembering their cakes.

When I tasted the Mango cheesecake, I just blurted out that I wanted to cry! Haha! Kris and Harv laughed like there was no tomorrow. Gosh, sugar makes me so corny. And mababaw!

I wait for the day when I get to order myself a whole cake. Hmmm.. any celebrations out there I wonder?

When do I see you again, oh Bizu? I’m so drugged.


One thought on “Indulge me

  1. Haha! The macaroons are like the luxembergli I had in Zurich!!! I love Bizu too when I went to the Phils last! :p Can we franchise you thnik here?

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