A solution

My root problems are:

  • Not enough Money
  • Resistance to go outside my comfort zone
  • Resistance to change

My solution is: Think Outside the Box.


I am beyond tired. I thought that living in Manda would mean that I can sleep early, wake up later, get to work on time. But with the high parking rate I experienced last week (i.e. I paid more for my parking weekly rent, than for my own weekly rent!) I tend to come home later, leave earlier JUST so that I get charged lesser hours. That just means, I’m more tired. Not helping.

I tried leaving my car at work, since I have free parking, but then it becomes a hassle getting to work. Gosh, ang daming sakay, that sometimes I take the taxi anyway! Which is also is a hefty amount for a short distance.

So yesterday, I looked for solutions. And I found one. Not the best, but for now it will do. I get to try it out today. Here’s what I plan.

After all the things I have to do for the day, I will leave my car in TPT. This is a building along Edsa and Boni Ave. From there, I can ride a jeep going to Libertad (mga 5 mins) and then a trike to Cali Garden (another 2 or 3 mins). On the way to work, I do the same route.

TPT is actually a client, and right now, I’ve made pretty good friends with the admin. After a lot of “bola” and begging, he’s agreed to let me park there. That brings down my nightly parking budget to commute budget by 80%. Not bad, right?

Hopefully this method *works*.

If not, I need to look for new solutions…

As I said… Think out of the box…


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