Ninang na naman?

Isn’t he adorable? 🙂

Last Sunday, I attended the christening of Baby Joseph Christian Coloma. No, I wasn’t Ninang. Just proxy this time. 🙂 It was my first time to attend a seminar specifically FOR the godparents. (Kahit proxy, kailangan mag attend). I forgot most of what was said (I think the purpose of me attending was so that I could inform Maeyo about what they were teaching. Oh crap. Sorry, Maeyo!) Anyway, I know naman that Maeyo will make a good Ninang. 😀

And to think, for all the six times that I’m the Ninang (hmm, tama ba figure ko…. let’s see…. Brian, Luigi, Sean, Joey, Marco and Julia) I’ve never attended a how-to-be-a-Ninang seminar. Hmm, I thought Ninangs were the ones who were required to give gifts… (I wasn’t a good Ninang in that case either!)

With the rest of the Ninangs, were most of us were proxy anyway!

With Baby Christian and Mommy Tina

Anyway, congrats to Tina and Joseph and welcome Christian to the Christian world! 😀


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