Am I geek enough?

I’ve just discovered the Apple iPhone last week (same time I discovered Bizu)! I so want it. Maybe because before I settled for my Dell Inspiron Laptop, I was raving about how sleek the Apple Macbook was and how my eyes would get wider just by looking at it! But at the end of the day, I was happy and content with my Chiko – that’s my laptop. It does the job, and that’s what matters. But now the iPhone! Huwaw! Harv’s saying he has a friend selling it for P15K ONLY! In the stores, it’s going for P25K. So OMG! I am so-ooo interested.

What do YOU think of the iPhone? Is it worth it? I’m thinking wait till they fix whatever bugs etc. But I don’t know. Help me decide…


One thought on “Am I geek enough?

  1. I did a research on it… being a the techie geek that I am I compared it with other phones too.hehehheI don’t think iPhone is made for u. First of all, it’s screen is made of glass… therefore, pag nabagsak… haller!It’s quite heavy & slippery na u really have to be ultra careful with it.I just feel that it is not suited for your kind of lifestyle.Although, that’s just my opinion. The decision is still yours. 🙂

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