It’s a sign?

How cool! Fernwoods has a South counterpart called Fernbrook! And look! They have a gondola ride that takes you from the chapel to the reception! Coolness!

Maeyo just created a new header for me (just haven’t been able to put it up yet because haven’t had the time) that included a gondola. How SWAK! 😀 (Maeyo, the image for the header’s at the office 😦 will be able to send to you by Tuesday. I tried it the other day, but there were some errors that came up. Will upload/send/change my header asap) .

Anyway, found out about Fernbrook because this years WAW Christmas party will be held there. I’m not as active in coordination for quite sometime since the September (last wedding). Maybe something will come up on Dec/Jan when things get less hectic at work.

*Cross fingers*

Long weekend upcoming! Yay!

2 thoughts on “It’s a sign?

  1. WHOA!!! Wooohoooo!!!Perfect timing!!! Ang bilis ng manifestation ng visual board mo!!!! Hindi pa nga napopost… meron nang developments!Winner ka talaga!!!

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