Of birthdays and parties

Happy birthday Kris! Don’t worry about getting old… nasa Lotto ka pa rin naman eh! Hahaha!


It was a simple celebration. Harv cooked the only dish he knows – some sort of pasta. Harv’s folks came over and brought litson (talap) and I bought cake. Kris’ mom bought utensils, because Kris and Harv just realized that their house is built for two (plus me – mga extra, extra stuff lang, hehe). This is the first time they’re holding a “party” in their house, and had limited plates, spoons, forks, glasses, pang sandok and stuff. They got wine glasses for their wedding though, hehe. But that was about it. I now understand the importance of a bridal registry! 😀

Anyway, it was made a dash more interesting with the new toy Harv “nenoked” from his office. The Nintendo Wii.

Check out Perrine, Harv’s oh-so-funny-screams-like-a-bading sister who, it seemed, was the ideal Wii customer!

**Recently updated vid**


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