Start of my journey

Happy Halloween. Sitting in my favorite coffeeshop in Alabang, waiting for my cousin. Will be going to the Cemetery tonight for some ghost hunting. Just kidding. Will be visiting Mamay & Papay’s grave with the rest of the family.

**Traffic for sure.**


Just a quick blog for the month end.

Today I:

  • Chose to move forward
  • Became excited for new beginnings
  • Started saying “good” farewells
  • Discovered my blind spots
  • Learned to be different
  • Showed my loyalty
  • Accepted feedback
  • Was constructive
  • Shared my dreams
  • Looked for answers
  • Was amazed how things fall into place
  • Acknowledged the fear
  • Laughed hysterically
  • Apologized sincerely
  • Showed humility
  • Appreciated the gratitude

Can it be in the new blog header? I’m shouting to the world, proclaiming, saying that I’m looking for my dreams.

This is definitely a good start to my journey.


4 thoughts on “Start of my journey

  1. I totally admire you for the overflowing positive energy you emit through your blog.Kaya madalas ako mag-check ng blog mo eh! A dose of some POSITIVE PILLS!Thanks!!!

  2. 😀 ditto to what ‘te Mae said. Eves, I’ll be in Pinas on the 14th of Dec… and I only have until Dec 20 to see people kasi Dec 21 na wedding nang Pinsan ko. Free ka ba?? I want to see you!!

  3. hey girls. thanks for the vote of confidence. i totally appreciate it. :D@reggy: yup i’m here. will block off a date with you (naks)! lemme know your sched as the date comes closer.can’t wait to see you!

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