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These past few months, there’s been a baby boom. Let me count em down:

  • Siyempre the recent binyag of Tina & Joseph’s baby JC
  • Also David, my friend’s newest bundle of joy, I haven’t met yet (sheesh, that reminds me that I should soon!)
  • Tinay’s second panganay last August (I haven’t met him either)
  • Two of my friends, Danna & Jing have new pamangkins as well, both delivered at the same week of August
  • My cousin Jessa’s baby this Jan
  • The twins my boss is expecting by Feb
  • Kuya & Ate-in-law’s Baby Nooner due by April Fools
  • Tita K & Don’s upcoming Baby Haku by June *** updated. 🙂 Thanks Tita K.
  • Just recently confirmed hearing about Geni & Dhon’s baby probably by July.

It’s not a surprise as there was a *wedding* boom as well, and most were married within the last 2 years, if not soon. And most will be first time parents.

***Warning to mothers: Super Ninang’s not so super with too many potential inaanaks. Hehehe***

Just finished reading, and I totally recommend Sophie Kinsella’s Shopaholic & Baby most especially for the new mommies out there. *Ate* requested for it last September, but I wasn’t able to get it for her since it’s been out of the stock. (Sorry Ate. I have it now though! Let me know if you haven’t gotten it yet. And if you know anyone going there.)

That basically sums up my Sunday activity! Hahaha! A whole day of Shopaholic.


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