The Apple Love Story

Not only am I in love with the looks of the Apple MacBook Pro and the Apple iPhone, I’ve now fallen in love with the Apple Store! The one in 5th Avenue! OMG! It’s a Property Consultant’s (not to mention architects and interior designers) dream to be a part of something this grand, this monumental.

It’s the 21st century architecture at its finest.

The Apple Cube

All I can say is… Wow.


On a side note, my friend Richard gave his review on the iPhone that I’ve been salivating over. With his and Maeyo’s comments, I must agree that this phone is not for me.

But I still can’t help go ga-ga over such beautiful things. Wonder how many more asses I need to kiss to make a sale before I can get myself a MacBook Pro.

***want, want, want***

… priorities, priorities, priorities …

2 thoughts on “The Apple Love Story

  1. Anong ibig sabihin ng “Maghunos dili ka?” Sorry di ko gets. heheNo stereo FM? pano na ang magic? 😦 How disappointing. All beauty, no brains. Wehehe.:PFunny ka chard!

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