Goodbye Blogger!

I’ve spent loads of time in blogger, but when Richard offered to host my own domain for a very minimal fee (TY na, diba Chard?), I said, why not. And within two days, this site was up.

And not only up. This site had everything I loved up blogger, including my chatterbox! I asked Chard about it, and he said kaya daw nya. But I haven’t seen any other WP with a cbox (I even checked most of the websites under Chie’s link – WP Filipino bloggers), so I was doubtful, esp. since Maeyo said she’s tried everything as well. Oh, but lo and behold – how, I don’t know – but he did it. 🙂 – with the other widgets (which for a certain time I couldn’t manipulate for whatever reason).

Anyway, I still think I’ve been a happy blogger user, but I had to admit that I had problems with its layouting. Plus I didn’t like the fact that I didn’t have any *pages*, like how they did it here. I’m still excited to see what other things WP has to offer. I’m still learning. Chard not only hosted my site, but literally put in everything (gosh, feeling ko I have a personal web developer, hehehe! Peace :mrgreen: ) So that basically meant that I don’t know how to manipulate this blog fully yet. Any tips and tricks out there?


12 thoughts on “Goodbye Blogger!

  1. Yippeeee!! WordPress is miles better than blogger! For trying to figure it out, my advice is pretty much to just tinker around with it. It took me a while to figure things out but it’s great once you do! (I haven’t figured it all out yet though eheh)

  2. yevka! finally…hihihihihi 🙂
    san ka host ng site? sigh. have no time to actually go around it. nakakainis. pwede ba si friend mo nalang gawa for me? 😛

  3. yeah i know i should be tinkering around. but so far so good. i’m just happy i had help. it would have taken me weeks to get it to look like *this*.

  4. Magkano ang hosting costs??

    Uy! I want to know how he did the CBOX please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pati na rin yung iba’t ibang knick knacks mo dito!!!

  5. calling master. master, where are you? :poke:

    i don’t know how much is his hosting cost. (master, magkano daw?) because i’m paying in kind. :flog: hahaha!

    maeyo, will let you know ha. but while tinkering around, nakita ko lang yung cbox code nasa text widgets. have you tried it there? what other knick knacks you like?

  6. I tried putting it on textbox but it didn’t work. Maybe it will work if I had my own domain.

    Yung Babystrology gusto ko…when the time comes… 😳

    Plus these awesome smileys :lols: LOVE IT!!!

    To your Master… :handsdown: HAIL!!! :p Need some tutoring 😉

  7. ako rin gusto ko ng babystrology for me. :smirk: dahil wala pa ako, para kay baby nooner muna. gawa ka rin para kay baby haku. haha! :glee:

    re: smileys, i saw it as a plugin link. i have to find out muna.

  8. tell him wala problem. magkano?! tell me know and il give him all the info he needs and pay for it also. basta let him finish it for me please?!!! i bought my domain name na before kaso have not had the time to do anything…paki naman please?

  9. Ayaw ko nga gumawa para kay BABY HAKU! Gawa sya sarili nya noh! At ayaw ko ma-confuse yung mga ka-blog ko. Plus, added pressure lang sa akin yun! :p

    I want to get a domain & hosting din from your web master. Let me know what info u need. Starting Jan 2008 yung sa akin. 😉

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