Se7en Sources of inspiration

I was tagged. A long time ago. By Chard. And I have been neglecting this particular post, because, dang it was hard. But anyway, the instructions were to pick 7 people who have inspired you. But you were supposed to keep them anonymous. It was particularly difficult because there were several people who inspired. So these are not the top 7. But rather 7 out of many.

Here goes:

i continue to complain and be stubborn, and i get annoyed when i’m told what to do. and yet, at the end of the day, i know she knows best. and i will accept and learn, in spite of the fact that i have other opinions. it’s me that will resist, but when i don’t we get along very well. i know she loves me to bits, and all her intentions are for my own betterment. through her, i learn to be more accepting.

“i don’t want to tell you what to do. but i will tell you why i do or don’t do something”. this person uses reason, and common sense with me and i think that’s why i listen when he has something to say. it’s not often that he does, so i make it a point that i do when he does. we have our special “us” moment and i’ll always treasure that.

we started of with a debate at opposite sides about something i don’t remember anymore. it may have been the regular car lifts she gave me, and up to the mentor-ship but i’ve considered her a role model, and one of my best friends. i loved and despised the fact that she got away from everything with either a smile or uncanny reasoning. might have been great to be a lawyer. i didn’t learn having a positive outlook from her, i experienced it. and in my lowest moment, she told me “in spite and despite of, things will be okay”… to this day, it had been my battlecry.

i thought that i had reason to resist this person. but when i spoke my heart did i learn the true meaning of honesty, loyalty, commitment and gratitude. i made a big decision because i was enrolled to her essence. at the end of the day, i’m a little bit stronger, a little bit more powerful and a little bit more matured because of this person.

it’s funny that i thought of him when writing this, because our *time* didn’t expand to years, but just a few months. but when i close my eyes, and think of him, i remember how he made me feel. how when others questioned my intentions and my leadership, he stood up and told me how he believed in me. he’s such a powerful person, a leader of hundreds. but his power didn’t make me feel small, quite the opposite. his power made me feel better, greater about myself. and i’m inspired to live up to it.

she’s my “soul sister”. i’ve known her for years. she’s the one in the barkada who i can have a mature conversation with. we have our a-hah moments together and kaya-mo-yan moments. from work, to family life, to relationship advices, everything, i can talk to her and she gives me perspective. she’s also very spiritual, and she fuels my faith.

my 7th inspiration, i simply cannot leave to one person. because it’s a joint effort. they have all contributed to my life. and i’m grateful. i don’t know if they knows how much i love them. how much they are important to me. how even though i’m “independent” i still rely on their advices and feedback, irregardless how much of a b!tch i tend to be :glee: . and how i enjoy our time together, because it’s so few and rare.

This is the easier part. :mrgreen: I am tagging Chie, Maeyo, Ate and Reg. 😎

UPDATE 11/21: I’m also tagging Poidy and Joan and hope that they finish faster than 2 weeks. :glee:


12 thoughts on “Se7en Sources of inspiration

  1. Omigosh! Ang hirap nito. Serious thinking ang kelangan ko rito!!! :flog:


    Sige, I’ll try to do this. I still have a tag pending pa nga eh… hindi ko pa nagagawa.

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