Movie marathon

Last week, I watched more movies than I did for the past 3 months COMBINED. (I think the last time, I was able to do something like this, was when the Nooners and the Dubai gang were all here). More people to invite, I guess.

Anyway, here’s a rundown of what glued me to my seat.


Saturday, I met up with Chard to pay for my domain, at the same time to watch Enchanted. I truly enjoyed it, (I so love Disney movies – and McHotness, Patrick Dempsey!) never mind the cheesiness of it. It was light, funny and very fantasy-world, complete with a song and dance number.

I guess I allowed myself to space out, and not expect how the ending should/would be. Which made me enjoy it even more. Although, when I look at it now, it was an obvious plot after all. Never mind. It did relieve me of stress and boredom. A very, very good thing.

And thanks to Master Torrent (that’s still Chard, teehee!), he lent me other movies and series to watch including the latest Heroes episode. Finally was updated and looking forward to the next episode, which by the way, is tomorrow na naman.

My absolute favorite scenes from S2E9 Cautionary Tales:

heroes s2e9

I was so impressed with this episode; it was stunningly beautiful, somewhat grotesque, ever escalating sense of tension. Amazing, amazing storyline! Most definitely best season’s episode so far. Can’t wait, can’t wait!

Other movies that took up most of my weekend (I did say marathon) are not newbies. Some of them are pretty old in fact. But that’s what you get when you don’t have any movie-buddies. It also helped that I was on sick leave last Friday, and was able to see the reruns on cable.

other movies

I strongly recommend Bridge to Terabithia, and Pursuit of Happyness, though – if you haven’t seen it yet. And because I was alone, I didn’t need to worry about looking sappy and saying *awwwww* (may matching tears pa yan ha!). I ended with the romantic comedies just to make sure I don’t fall into dramas of the movies.

There you go. Movie talk for today. :whistle:


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