my own version of dragon slaying

I’ve been faced with a dilemma.

End of October, I had a wonderful breakthrough resulting to looking forward to new journeys. Excitedly, I informed Family first and waited for feedback, and way forwards, thinking I needed their full support and guidance.

For some reason, they didn’t read the family blog. Two weeks passed, before anything actually happened, which really just meant a reply email from sister dearest giving me some clarity. But by this time, the excitement wasn’t there as it had been during the *moment*. (Did I mention, I change my mind just like *that*).

At the same time, an offer and request was given to me that which would set back my plans. The hard part, I discovered, was saying No. Just like I’ve always done, I couldn’t bring myself to be a turn down a request from a person I admired. Aside from the request, other things happened which directly or indirectly affected my plans. And as much as I hated to admit it, I didn’t feel right if I were the only person to benefit. So I did the one thing I knew best – nothing.

Today, just like that, after doing nothing but wait, I found solutions. Not just solutions, but win-win ones. Maybe it was the Canada clan’s call to get things started that triggered it, or maybe it was a friend’s own dilemma and issues that I wanted to *fix*, or maybe because last week I was in the office for only 3 days (one day field, another day sick). Personally I feel it was because for a day, I spent it thinking about others. Whether it was or not, I have found solutions that seemed to benefit everyone and it included…. well, me.

So while the drive was there, the solution burning in my head, the leader in me wanting to rise, I voiced it out. Clearly, with the best of my intentions. And the person who mattered most, was enrolled. And for the first time in weeks, I felt the breakthrough was complete.


3 thoughts on “my own version of dragon slaying

  1. 😕 You talk in gibberish… But I understood it in part. Get moving and come on over so that you can spend quality time with the family…

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