Featuring Orlinotech’s hosting service

Since this site was up, it raised several interests from my friends. So I’ve decided to go the extra mile and give you more information on the hosting services of Orlinotech as my own way of thank you. 🙂

Straight from the Master’s mouth, here is the process of web hosting:

  • First, you have to pay him upfront for the hosting fee which is Php6,000 good for an entire year. This comes with free domain. You can pay cash (if you’re in Pinas) or wire transfer to his account.
  • If there’s an existing domain, you will need to transfer the domain to Orlinotech’s registrar, or point the DNS of the existing domain in his web server. He’ll guide you through this.
  • If it’s for a new domain, you have to find out first if it’s existing. Go to www.register.com to see if the domain you want is still available.
  • Inform Chard of the domain you want so he can register it.
  • If it’s for website, you need to give him the existing files from your website so he can upload it or he will give you an FTP access where you can upload.
  • If it’s for blogging, he suggests that you use wordpress. He’ll take care of the blog. Just pick the theme here. Or you can search for free themes over google.
  • From the theme, he’ll help with the modification depending on your requirements.
  • If you have existing blog entries, he’ll help you import to the new blog.
  • If you want an email, he’ll guide you through it as well. Just choose your username.

You should be good to go from here. 🙂

For more details, other questions and clarifications, please contact Richard Orlino through his email or leave a comment in his blog.


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